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Dear random readers,

I must start off by apologizing for my lack of updates and posts. Sorry for making you wait around like that/disappointing you. The past few months have been a lot busier and 'eventful' than I have imagined. I think I will end up writing a post about something that did occur because it was actually the loss of my paternal grandmother, which was a strange event in my life. Anyways, I just wanted to drop a few holiday greetings and wish everyone the very best for the upcoming year.

So, happy holidays, happy new year's eve, happy new year and may the coming year bring you much joy and laughter! I'll be returning in the new year with a post and a poll about which fanfics you'd like me to continue as well as what genre you're interested in reading. This is just so I can get a good idea of what my target audience (probably just one or two people) would like.

If you're reading all of this, I really have to thank you for sticking around this long with me. I know I'm not the best writer, nor am I the most punctual when it comes to posting stuff...but you've endured all of the waiting and the disappearances with me. And for that I thank you, from the bottom of my beating, blood-pumping muscle of an organ, I thank you.

See you all in the new year, and let me know what you're interested in reading. I've got a few ideas in mind...but we'll see.


Thank you, I love you and Happy New Year!

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Triumph in the Skies 2: My thoughts, thus far

It's been a while since I wrote about anything TVB related, but watching TITS2 really got me fired up again. As you all know, or have figured out by now, I like Ron Ng's presence in my TVB dramas even if he's not a very good actor. Additionally, I loved the first installment, and I loved Francis' character, and on top of all of that there's Chi Lam in this sequel. So, when it was released, I was ecstatic and I immediately watched it when English subtitles were available, hence, I'm actually right on top of this series and I'm loving it.

It's been a long time since I've seen all of these actors and actresses together, and it's been a long time that I've seen a TVB drama with decent chemistry between the actors and actresses. The only thing about this drama that I'm not so fond of is all the media attention that this series is getting, especially the criticisms from 'netizens.'

So, when I get into a drama, I'm interested about what others have to say about it, because for some reason I enjoy hearing others' opinions.Thus, when there were translated articles that were related to this drama, I checked them out, and funny enough the articles were mostly in regards to complaints that the viewers had about the series. The complaint that seemed most unreasonable was the complaint about the actor's poor English. My thought on this issue is that this is a TVB series, and these actors are Cantonese speaking actors, hence, having a very high expectation for their English is silly. Now, I'm not trying to make fun of these actors, what I'm trying to say is that how is it that I a non-Chinese/non-Cantonese speaking individual understand their English and these Hong Kong viewers can't? It just doesn't make any sense.

Honestly, a lot of people have very thick accents, and a lot of the time those people work as professionals including doctors, lawyers, engineers, pilots, nurses, professors, etc. Yes, it is difficult to understand when an individual speaks in a heavy accent, however, if you choose to listen then you will understand. I've had professors and teachers with very very thick accents (European, Indian, Cantonese) and I was capable of understanding them. Particularly, my piano teacher is originally from Hong Kong and she has quite an accent, but I understand her fine, and funny enough when she accidentally speaks to me in Cantonese, I can still comprehend her. So, my point is simply, the complaints are silly.

Oh, another point I wanted to add was that I've been on airplanes for a total of 10 times (5 trips), and I don't recall having the chance to hear the pilot speak, I only heard the cabin crew people speak. On my trip to Vietnam, three years ago, we stopped in Hong Kong to transfer flights, and I remember the cabin crew people speaking in English and Cantonese? on the flight, and the English wasn't wonderful, but surely understandable, similar to what TVB had their actors and actresses sound like. Anyways, I don't think it's fair that these netizens complain about these actors' English, not to sound ignorant, are they really that English proficient?

A story about accents. When I went to Vietnam, my sister and I would speak to each other in English, because that's how we normally communicate, and once when we got into an argument, we spoke super fast. None of our relatives who reside in Vietnam were able to comprehend what we were saying. Later, when I asked one of my second cousins if she understood my English, she told me that she was able to understand a few words only when I spoke slowly. She then told me how my 'accent' was much easier to comprehend then other people's accents, and mind you, I'm Canadian (I didn't know I had an accent). So, when I asked her what she meant, she told me about the European accents, to which my response was in English and in a British/Australian accent confused her. What I learned from that experience was that different places teach English differently, leading to a variety of interesting and often times inaccurate pronunciation (I tried to interact with the sales people in English while in Vietnam, and they didn't know what I was talking about because they weren't used to my correct pronunciation of a few words/never heard of the words I used - I sound like a total arrogant jerk, but that was a true story).

Actually, I have a ton of stories with regards to people's accents and when they speak English, and if you're interested I could write an entire post dedicated to that, but I doubt that actually interests you. So, I'll get back to my thoughts on TITS2.

  1. I love the chemistry between Sam and Isaac
  2. I love the chemistry between Jayden and Isaac
  3. Why can't Isaac and Coco be a pair? I love seeing Nancy and Ron together
  4. Why does Myolie's Summer seem to have the Linda Chung 'I am constipated' look?
  5. How did Roy become such a player? I swear he was shy in the first installment
That's all for now! If you read this post and are watching TITS2, tell me what you think of it so far in the comments!


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The End is Near: Ch 7


I'm back! I guess...

~into the fanfic~

~ Linda’s office~

She really didn’t expect him to call or buy a gift, but he did and now she sat there trying to figure a way to not accept his gift, until she heard a knock on her door.

Linda: Come in

Queenie: Why is Dr. Chung in such a daze?

Linda: I’m just thinking...

Queenie: A hard case?

Linda: You can say that...

Queenie: Do you want to talk it out...I remember that always helped you

Linda heaved a sigh: Ok, but don’t laugh

Queenie: Why would I laugh?

Linda: Because it’s not a medical case...it’s this guy

Queenie: And when did my little sister have boyfriend troubles?

Linda: If I had a boyfriend, you’d be the first to know

Queenie: Oh, so a pursuer...

Linda: I don’t know

Queenie: So, what’s the problem?

Linda: It’s the director guy I met, his mom is my patient and he just came back from a shoot somewhere and wanted to meet

Queenie: Ok, so what’s the problem with meeting?

Linda: He says he has a gift for me

Queenie: Don’t you think you’re over thinking this...maybe he’s just a nice guy who wants to thank you for taking care of his mom

Linda: Right...

Queenie: Well, since you’re in this dilemma, I guess you already agreed to meet...but if you don’t want it to be awkward, I could go in your place...

Linda: You would?

Queenie: I’m curious about this director friend of yours, but no...have fun

Linda: Wait, why did you come in here?

Queenie smiled: I was going to ask you to join me for lunch, but since you have a date...it’s ok


~C’est La Vie Cafe~

He was feeling slightly anxious, fidgeting with the little box in his hand. He didn’t know if she would like what he picked out for her, but then again, it’s the thought that counts.

Linda: Hi

Ron got up and pulled the chair out for her: Hi

Linda: Were you waiting for long?

Ron: No, I actually just got here like a minute ago. I was kind of scared that you wouldn’t show up.

Linda: What? Why wouldn’t I show up? (Even though that thought was on her mind)

Ron: Because it’s weird. I mean, I’m weird for asking you to come out, and I even got you this (handing her the little box)

Linda giggled at his awkwardness: You didn’t have to get me a gift

Ron: It’s an apology and a gift of gratitude for leaving you with my mom and taking care of her that day

Linda: I already told you, she’s a really sweet lady

Ron smiled: I’m pretty sure I know my own mother better than you know her

Linda laughed: Ok, that’s probably true

Ron: Exactly, so I had to get you something, and I hope you like it

Linda opened up the little box: This is...

Ron: A charm bracelet, I heard it’s a thing lately...so I got you one

Linda: This is a limited edition one...I can’t accept it

Ron: Do you like it?

Linda: It’s beautiful

Ron smiled and heaved a sigh of relief: Thank goodness you like it...I was scared you’d think it was too plane or something...I didn’t know what colour you liked, but since you’re a doctor I thought a white theme would be suitable...

Linda: It’s really nice, but I can’t accept it...

Ron: It wasn’t much, I swear...

Linda: But its limited edition...I remember seeing it in a magazine, it’s apparently really hard to get one or something

Ron laughed: That’s a marketing trick. And besides, McDonald’s toys are limited edition too...it’s really no big deal. And if you say that you won’t be able to wear it cause you’re too busy working, I will have to refute that because when I was passing by your hospital I noticed a sign about a celebration coming up.

Linda: Are you sure you’re a director? You sound a lot like a lawyer

Ron laughed: I get really talkative when I’m nervous. Sorry

Linda laughed: Am I that scary?

Ron: Well...

Linda: Well?

Ron: Maybe? (He laughed).

Linda: You’re probably the second person to think I’m scary

Ron: I didn’t say you’re scary, I said you could be...hence, the maybe...but, in all seriousness...I’m really hungry, and if you don’t mind, I’m going to order lunch

Linda laughed: Go right ahead, and I think I should get something to eat too

Ron: Sounds like a good idea

Their lunch ended abruptly, when Linda received a page from the hospital

Linda: I’m sorry, I have to go

Ron: It’s ok...go ahead

Linda: And the tab...

Ron: Not a problem, I’ll pick up the tab...And maybe you can buy me lunch next time?

Linda smiled: Sure...bye

Ron: Bye

  I hope whoever is reading this, enjoys it. The next chapter will be a bit more amusing...though the timing with 'reality' is slightly off now since I was on a strange strange hiatus. But, I'll be back. Please comment, subscribe to my youtube channels http://www.youtube.com/user/randomnessses or http://www.youtube.com/user/SilentJ224 (I'll be creating some music videos later this summer...so stay tuned)

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Ok, I swear I'll be back soon. In the meantime, check out this really short and cute video of my cousins' dog chasing his tail!

And sorry for the weird noise I make at the beginning.


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Yours Truly, Stranger (Ch 2)

I'm really sorry for not updating my blog as frequently as I said I would. It's just that I'm kind of busy trying to figure out what I want to do with my life, and that's not a joke. Honestly, it sucks to know that you don't know what you want...and it sucks even more when everyone around you continue to treat you like a little kid telling you what you should and should not do. Anyways, here's the second chapter.

Ch 2: Hello Stranger

Sometimes we don’t notice how fast time flies until we look ourselves in the mirror and notice that we’ve changed. Maybe it’s the hair style, the loss of that baby fat in our cheeks or even a grey hair or two, regardless; they’re all signs and symptoms of aging and what comes with it. Ten years flew by quicker than he could’ve ever imagined, and still no reply from the person he hoped he would get to know. He checked his email every day, just hoping to get a reply, an email that wasn’t spam sent to his inbox at yours.truly.stranger@gmail.com

Raymond: Dude, you’re going to make us late for work

Ron: I’ll be out after I check my email

Raymond: What are you, 60? You can check your email on your phone! Data!

Ron: Ok, I’m done...let’s go

Raymond: Just synch up that email address on to your phone already...or pick a better time to check your email...what’s with 8:00 AM, every day? Who in the world sends emails that early anyways?

Ron: I get it...

Raymond: No...I don’t think so...because I’ve been telling you that since we moved here, exactly three years ago

Ron: I didn’t have data then

Raymond: That’s not the point

Ron laughed: The longer we live together the more you sound like my sister

Raymond: Ha-ha, very funny...my voice is so much more soothing than your sister’s

Ron: Speaking of my sister...she invited you over for dinner tomorrow

Raymond: I thought it’s a family dinner

Ron: Well...Leila’s going to be there too

Raymond: That’s because she’s your girlfriend, possibly your sister’s future sister-in-law

Ron: But you and I, we live together...practically brothers...so my sister considers you family

Raymond: Alright, I’ll be there...unless I have to work overtime again

Ron: I doubt it...

~Next day~

Ron logged onto his email at exactly 8 in the morning, and to his surprise he received a response.


Dear Stranger,

I was quite surprised when I found your bottle floating in the water near the Bay area. I really didn’t expect to actually see a letter inside, but somehow there it was. Originally, I thought it might’ve been a prop for a movie that somehow got lost, but my friend told me to respond to you through the email provided anyways. Hopefully, this letter isn’t a prop and you’ll promptly reply to me.

Yours truly,



Even though the person’s email was rather short, this was the best feeling he had ever felt. It was the feeling of closure, however anticlimactic it was and he was looking forward to their future exchanges. He immediately responded


Hello W,

This is definitely not a prop from a movie set that got lost, that I can assure you. It’s a little experiment of fate I wanted to try out as a teenager. I didn’t expect to actually receive a response, but I always hoped that one day I would. Thank you for taking your friend’s advice and replying to the letter. I hope that we could continue these exchanges in the future and maybe get to know one another a bit. Don’t worry; I’m not some old man trying to prey on the young or some crazy person either...and by saying those things I probably sound iffy to you. Anyways, I hope that you’ll email me back soon.

Yours truly,



Raymond: Dude, hurry up! (He peeked into Ron’s room) Did you just send an email?

Ron smirked: Yup

Raymond: No way! Someone found it

Ron: Yup

Raymond: Is she hot?

Ron: What?

Raymond: Uh, she’s probably a she

Ron: What type of conclusion is that?

Raymond: Ok, seriously, what guy would respond to some romantic letter in a bottle about fate

Ron: It wasn’t romantic

Raymond: Fate...Ron, you wrote about fate

Ron: So? Guys can believe in fate

Raymond: Right...so, is she hot?

Ron: It was an email, not a twit pic

Raymond: What’s her name?

Ron: Don’t know, the Person just wrote W

Raymond: W...Wendy? Wanda? Wynona? No...Whitney, or Willow

Ron: Are we going over the possible girl names starting with a W for your future daughter?

Raymond: Anyone of those could possibly be the person’s name

Ron: We didn’t even confirm that she’s female

Raymond: You know what I forgot...she could be using her last name initial

Ron: Ok, you got to stop with your nonsense...I thought we were going to be late

Raymond: It’s ok...we need to find out who she is and if she’s hot?

Ron: Really? Are you that desperate?

Raymond: Nope, just curious about what type of woman she is and whether or not she’s hot, and whether or not she’s a threat to your relationship with Leila and most importantly if she’s single

Ron: Hold up! How could this person be a threat to my relationship with Leila?

Raymond: Well...haven’t you heard about all of those facebook relationships becoming a reality? Like some man married another woman on facebook and then divorced his wife. But the point is, if your exchanges with this person continues, you guys bond, become friends and then start sharing your deepest thoughts and all of that emotional stuff...Ron my friend, that is what we call an emotional affair. See, men cannot tolerate their counterparts having a physical affair, but women are most against their counterpart having an emotional affair. So, heed my advice, and be very careful.

Ron: Wow, this is what I get for telling you about a letter and an email

Raymond: Hello...I’m a shrink, and a very good one at that, mind you

Ron laughed: And how much will I be charged for my therapy session Dr. Lam?

Raymond: It’s on the house, this time. But I swear, if you and Leila run into some ‘relationship’ problems, or you realize that this person, who I’m going to continue to assume is female by sex or gender, becomes more involved in your life than she should be, we really should have a proper session

Ron: Fine...but until this person replies to my email, we’re going to assume that none of this happened and tonight at dinner, you’re not going to say anything about it at all

Raymond: Deal!

~ Dinner~

Leila: Jessica, you have to tell me the recipe to this, it’s amazing

Jessica: Really? I thought I’d give it a try

Raymond: Obviously, she’s using us to test a new recipe for her restaurant

Jessica: The shrink always think I have an ulterior motive when I treat my little brother and his friends to dinner

Ron laughed: Our shrink is always very suspicious, but sis that does seem to fit the trend of a new dish that appears on your menu a few weeks after we try it out

Jessica: Fine, I’ll admit that I needed a second, third and fourth opinion on this, and from your girlfriend, this dish is definitely a good one

Ron put his arm around Leila: Her choices are always good

Leila: Are you trying to flatter yourself?

Ron smiled and kissed her

Raymond: Really guys, at the dinner table?

Jessica laughed: It’s ok Raymond, as long as it’s not on the dinner table


I hope you enjoyed it...also, the email does work, I just thought that it would be interesting if you could email me like a response or something in the perspective of this mysterious person...or something...

Anyways, I hope you'll leave me a comment or two...and I'll try to update more frequently. Also, if you're interested, follow me on instagram @standingonchair



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The End is Near: Ch 6

Happy New Year!!! 2013 is going to be a blast!!! Hopefully everything will work out and I wish every single one of you a blessed year with good health, great fortune and an amazing journey to come. Now on with the fanfic!

Ch 6

~In the elevator~

Bosco: That was the doctor, wasn’t it?

Ron: That’s the doctor

Bosco: She’s pretty

Ron: Don’t let Myolie hear that...she might eat you alive

Bosco laughed: Oh no, we have the right to check out other people...so it’s all good

Ron: Uh huh...

Bosco: So, what’s your next move?

Ron: What?

Bosco: Oh come on...she’s probably as interested in you as you are interested in her...mutual attraction...

Ron: Sounds like the name of a movie

Bosco: No...’Fatal  Attraction’ is the name of a movie...some director you are

Ron: Just because I’m part of pop culture shouldn’t mean I need to know about pop culture

Bosco: And this is why you’re not a script writer...so...you’re next move?

Ron: I’ll bring her back a souvenir...

Bosco: For your mom?

Ron: No! For Linda...and for my mom

Bosco laughed: I hope you’re not getting the both of them the same thing

~Doctor’s office~

Mary: So, Dr. Chung how did you and my son meet?

Linda: It was a coincident, he dropped his wallet and I picked it up

Mary: Are the two of you close?

Linda: We just met a while ago...

Mary: Are you by any chance dating my son? It counts even if you’re casually dating and you don’t consider yourself his girlfriend

Linda: I think you might’ve gotten the wrong idea...we’re just friends, really...

Mary: Oh, I’m sorry for probing...it’s becoming a habit of mine to probe when my son introduces me to a female colleague or friend...it’s just I’m getting old and I’d like to see my son get married and start a family...

Linda: It’s ok...my parents ask similar questions when I introduce them to a male colleague or friend

Mary: But I bet your parents aren’t worried about you finding a date or anything...I bet you have so many pursuers since you’re a doctor, well mannered and pretty too...

Linda: I’m flattered but, I don’t exactly have any pursuers at the moment

Mary: Or you’re just too busy to notice them?

Linda: Um...maybe...anyways, I’ll have Elaine check you in and lead you to the procedure room

Mary: Thank you Dr. Chung

~5 days later Taiwan~                                     

Bosco: Finally! We’re done! Now I can enjoy the scenery and spend some alone time with Myolie

Ron laughed: You literally see her day and night and you still want to spend more time with her, the only explanation for that is love

Bosco smiled: Yup...cause honestly I can’t think of anything else either. Oh, and you...you better buy that doctor friend of yours something since your mom obviously interrogated her

Ron: I know, I know...I kind of wanted Myolie to help me out...but since you want to spend time with her...

Bosco heaved a sigh: Fine, before you blame me for not helping out a pal...you can tag along with us while we go shopping...

Ron: Thanks man, I owe you one

Myolie: Why are you two standing here when everyone is getting ready to leave?

Bosco: We’re just talking...Ron needs your help with buying his girlfriend a present

Myolie: What? Girlfriend? Ron Ng! How can you keep something like that from your best friend?

Ron: Um...I don’t have a girlfriend? She’s just a friend who also happens to be my mom’s current cardiologist

Myolie: Is she pretty?

Bosco: Yup

Myolie: You knew about her and didn’t tell me? What else are the two of you keeping from me?

Bosco: That’s about it...I swear

Ron: Ya...so...I need your help...you know how my mom is with the women I introduce to her...so...what should I get her?

Myolie: Well...there is one thing I can think of...

Ron: Really?

Myolie: It’s this really cute charm bracelet that comes in a limited number, last I checked a few Taiwan stores still have them in stock

Ron: You think she’ll like it

Myolie: How would I know? But it is pretty and cute, and if you get her white, it works with almost everything...so it’s probably your best bet. Here take a look at it (she shows him a picture of it on her phone)

Ron: Did you want one too?

Myolie: I was thinking about...but I’m still contemplating

Ron: I could get you one since I’ll be heading there anyways...

Myolie: Really?

Bosco looked at him: Really?

Ron: Ya? Why not?

Myolie gave Ron a hug: You’re the best friend ever!

Ron smiled: You’re welcome. So, I guess you two can spend the day alone together after all

~ A few days later~

Ron finally flew back from Taiwan and had a few days off before he had to go into the studio for some editing work. He decided to give Linda a call so that he could give her the present he bought.

~on the phone~

Ron: Hello?

Linda: Hi, and who may this be?

Ron: I’m Ron...Ng, we met a week ago

Linda: Oh, hi...I wasn’t really expecting you to call

Ron: How come?

Linda: I thought you were just saying that to be nice

Ron laughed: Oh...well, I could hang up and you can pretend this call never came through

Linda laughed: It’s ok...so what can I do for you? Did your mom want to speak to me?

Ron: Well...as an apology for leaving you unattended with my mom, I bought you a gift and was wondering when you would be free so I could actually give it to you

Linda: A gift? You really don’t have to, your mom is a lovely person

Ron: But she did ask you a lot of questions, didn’t she?

Linda: It’s fine, a lot of my elderly patients ask me questions along those lines all the time

Ron: Well, when are you free...and if you’re not, I could always drop by and drop off the gift

Linda: I’m free today, at noon...but I bet you have lots of work to do, so...

Ron: Noon sounds good, I’ll meet you at the cafe across from the hospital then

Linda: Oh, ok, see you then, bye

Ron: bye


Even though I'm not sure who is actually reading my fanfic, I still want to continue to write it...and so, if you are reading this, leave me a comment or two...

Your comments always brighten up my day and that's a fact.

So, Happy New Year and